Silly Sheep

When bedtime comes and you can’t sleep,

Better count some silly sheep,

Count them when the hour is late,

As they try to jump the gate,

One is over in a bound,

Two tries tunnelling underground,

Three is juggling cups and plates,

Four comes by on roller skates,

Five is pedalling on a trike,

Six rides on a motorbike,

Seven dances, full of graces,

Eight is pulling funny faces,

Nine is looking very cute,

Dressed up in a Santa suit,

Ten and Eleven ride on llamas,

Eating apples and bananas,

Twelve is messy, Thirteen’s neat,

Fourteen’s sucking on a sweet,

Fifteen’s over super-quick,

Sixteen’s on a pogo stick,

Seventeen’s got a rocket pack,

And Eighteen’s sitting on her back,

Nineteen has a pole and vaults,

Twenty’s turning somersaults,

And if you’re not asleep by then,

You’ll just have to start again.



Neil Beddow currently writes plays, poems and stories for children. He worked in Community Theatre for many years, devising and writing hundreds of original plays. His published work includes: Iron Mad Wilkinson (song cycle for young voices – with Robin Grant, composer), Turning Points (Community Theatre text), and 6 books of local history. Neil lives on a mountain in West Wales, overlooking the sea.