Make Cake

When life gives you lemons make lemon cake.

Because everything is better when it’s cake.

A carrot cake is better than a carrot.

A cup cake is better than a cup.

A cold cake is better than a cold.






Even miserable Monday mornings would be better if they were cake.

And remember, better doesn’t always mean good,

Sometimes it just means less bad.

But less bad is always better than bad,

The same way that some cake is always better than no cake.

So that’s why,

Whatever life gives you,Make cake.

The End Cake



Jonathan lives in Greenwich, England. He is severely obsessed with writing poems, primarily ones that rhyme. His work has featured in The Caterpillar, Parakeet and Little Thoughts Press magazines, and his first picture book, Polly Plum: Brave Adventurer is out now. He has two small children, neither of whom can read or write poetry. He's not worried about that. Yet.